Picnic at the Beach - Honolulu Hawaii

From Hawaii Picnic Service, there are many ways to own top-notch picnics with Instagram-worthy pictures of the Oahu island. You can enjoy the tranquility of the ocean and mountains while basking in the gorgeous sunshine. There are many good reasons why everyone who travels to Hawaii has Honolulu Picnics.

What are suggestions to own an ideal Oahu Picnic experience:

  1. Sunset view picnic

Get ready for the sunset view at Honolulu beaches with your picnic dates. Large bodies of water and sunsets complement each other on a variety of levels that are constantly changing. You can see incredible reflections on the water, which can be choppy, wavy, or mirror-smooth. The wonderful smells and bird sounds, as well as the lapping waves, add to the experience. The wonderful sensations of sand between your toes are an added bonus. Oahu picnic sophistication with sunset, this would be the most memorable one that you can’t forget.

  1. Hawaiian Fruits Plates

Having a Hawaii Picnic with a Hawaiian fruits plate offers you a whole new level feeling. The freshest pineapple- the most well-known and recognizable fruit in Hawaii and are regarded as a representation of the state and of Hawaiian hospitality would be primary of your plate beside other superb Hawaiian special fruits. A cluster of grapes, papaya, and strawberries sit in the middle of this fruit platter, which is bordered by slices of watermelon, kiwi, honeydew, and oranges. The fruit platter is finished with a fresh flourish: a bouquet of vibrant wildflowers from Hawaii.

  1. Shades for picnic days

Shade is always a welcome addition to your picnic setting, no matter where you decide to go. At the beach, it's not just important to protect yourself from the sun; having a good shade also keeps you and your food cool. To protect your skin in order to have a healthy tan, besides sunscreen and tanning oil are essentials, a legit professional with setting up an umbrella will help your experience better to prevent from UVs rays and heat. From minimal to aesthetic theme, our umbrellas are always ready to match with your pop-up picnic Oahu.

  1. Cold drinks for the dehydration

An occasion for celebration with sparkling or champagne, a chance to enjoy a healthy picnic day by beaches with juices, or a romantic picnic date by the beach with wine, we compliment them with our premium insulated bags. It's important to stay hydrated while at the beach and prepare the right drinks with extra tools to go along

To handle everything you need for a stress-free day in the sun, we are here to be your personal picnic beach concierge with premium Oahu picnic catering. We supply and set up every amenity, including charcuterie boards, special theme fruit platters, drinks, and fantastic decorations. We will take care of the rest; just bring yourself, your friends, and your family!

An enjoyable way to indulge all of your senses while getting a tan is to spend the day at the beach with sand between your toes, fresh air in your lungs, and the calming sound of the waves in your ears. 

Aloha picnics, we are ready for you!  All that's left to do is apply sunscreen and jump in the water!

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